Animals 101: Love Unfiltered


The words animals and love go synonymously for me, not just because animals love us without intentions, but because they love us as if it was the only thing possible for them to do.

Synonymous with unconditional

I am an animal lover, to the extent that I can start petting animals at random places, talking to them, and hugging them without caring for strangers’ stares. I guess I love animals even more than humans, as I find them selfless and devoted towards me, or any humans for that matter, unlike many of my friends who have drifted away with time. Perhaps the story of humans and animals are without strings and needs, because of which they last longer and in a more significant way.

Animals don’t love us based on conditions or whether or not we play with them; they love us because they don’t know otherwise! They are there when we need them the most and when no one even understands us or the need to support us. Animals are probably the first to sense our emotions and support us in ways we are often mesmerized by. I also believe they are excellent boosters for our positive well-being and mental health.


Selfless beings

Animals, whether as pets or not, are bonded by emotions and feelings, and perhaps this is why they can become significant in our lives. It is no doubt that people who have pets love them like their children, and the animals in return become their go-to people and comfort zones. I feel that animals love us more than we do or even could comprehend, and for them, we are probably not just owners or people who provide for them, but rather someone who is their world.

I remember reading somewhere that many people stuck alone at home found their solace and company in their pets during the pandemic and the resultant lockdown. I instantly could connect and realize why this could become something so vividly discussed. This pandemic turned out to be more challenging than we had comprehended, and most of us are still trying to recover from the repercussions of the further damages done.  While many people had the advantage of being around their family or friends during the lockdown, many were also stuck alone. Irrespective of what human company people had, most of them with pets found their sanity in them.


Pawsome beings

For instance, I was stuck alone for four months when both the pandemic and the lockdown were at their peak. Still, every day when I went to my balcony in the evening, Oreo, the lovable Labrador living opposite my flat, gave me the necessary company and love that I was craving during those times. Time spent with them gives us the courage to fight the challenges, and their affection towards us can be fantastic stress busters!

After the lockdown ended, I found that every family with a pet tackled the lockdown better than those without it. Having an animal around can be delightful and engaging, which can help one sail through many difficulties.

It is true that I did not need the pandemic or the lockdown to realize how much having animals around can positively impact lives. However, what I additionally understood is that animals don’t need grand gestures from us or constant attention. I was reminded of how simple our relationships with animals are! Whether it is the stray cats or dogs that I show love to on the road or the expensive breeds, which have somehow become a trend owning these days, that I hug endlessly, all they need is a little affection and trust.

With a simple pat on their head or tickling down the neck, these animals would blindly follow us towards uncertainty. And all we need is some selfless being who would be our stressbuster from the word go!

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  1. Good to know about your animal love Ayesha. Now we know why you always have a panda (soft toy) with you in office 🙂

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