Easy Packing Guide for Your First Hill Station Trip


Mountains are excellent places to wander and explore. That first trip to the mesmerizing mountains can be exciting, however; it can be equally intimidating as many cannot decide what they should carry while vising the mountains.

People who live in the plains are not habituated to the geographical variations and the weather of the mountains and thus, most of the time they end up either overpacking or missing out on important things.


Here is your guideline for getting the perfect bag ready for your next trip

There are some basic points to remember when it comes to packing:

  • Choose the best bag/backpack/rucksack:

    Choose something that you can easily carry and is spring enough so that you do not have to deal with any mishaps such as a broken chain or a broken strap. Rucksacks are best for hill station trips because of their weight distributions.

Keep in mind many of the roads in the hill stations are not suitable for a suitcase with wheels and a normal backpack can be difficult to carry while using the steep roads.

  • Understand the season:

    The hill stations are known for being on the colder side than the other landscapes and thus, understanding the proper season is necessary. There are many places where you will witness snow even during April and May so do a little research on the web to understand the weather of that place before packing. If you are traveling between December and March (winter and spring), you should carry winter essentials. On the other hand, summers are pleasant and there are places where you do not need any warm clothes while traveling during May-September. October and November are also on the cooler sides in the mountains. In case of any confusion, pack at least one warm cloth.

  • Sanitary Products:

    Hill stations can have resource scarcity as many of them lack proper availability of various products. Do not forget to carry your own sanitary products that you use. Use mini versions of the travel packs to save space and also check everything for leaks and spillage before packing.

  • Health is wealth:

    PACK YOUR MEDS. If you are on regular medication, take them with you. Also, keep some emergency medicines with you such as painkillers, balms, bandages, antacids, and antiseptics. Many people experience vomiting tendencies and breathing problems due to the high altitudes. Keep that in mind!

  • Shoes are your friends or foes:

    If you are a first-timer and planning to explore the hilly roads on foot then it will be best to get some sport shoes/hiking shoes with good grip to conquer those steep uphill roads. Break in your shoes to avoid painful shoe bites while exploring.

  • Munching time:

    Carry some dry snack items like multigrain biscuits, dry fruits, chocolates, and chips because the journeys in the mountains can be relaxing yet extremely long and you might feel hungry.

  • Water it up:

    Do not forget your trusty bottle of water as I mentioned before, you will not get shops to buy essential goods everywhere while traveling through the long-stretched mountain trails.

  • Gadgets might not work:

    Many of the hill stations have electricity but the weather of the mountains is unpredictable. It means trying not to expect electricity or mobile networks to be available all the time. There are places with absolutely no mobile networks. You can carry a power bank for safety and I would suggest trying to put your gadgets on the charge if the charge is low whenever you enter a hotel.

  • The lighter, the better:

    As the uphill roads can be tiring, the lighter you travel the better for you. Do not pack more than two extra clothes and a pair of extra shoes. Even if someone else is going to carry, even taking a five-minute walk can be tiring in the hills.

  • Cash over cards:

    Offbeat places might not have ATMs so it is always better to carry cash over cards.

  • Last but not the least,

    ID proofs and passport-size photographs must be in your bag!

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That’s all fellas! Another important tip while packing is to make a list of the things you want to pack and keep crossing out the things as you pack them. Try not to hurry and pack at least a day before your trip. This is just a general guideline that you can adjust according to your location and plans!

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  2. Another valuable point should be to carry some dry foods…to handle the bitter experience…I love the point – shoes….this is very critical for any trip and from my experience I know how important is this…probably one extra shoe might be helpful if the plan is for a week’s…this blog is informative and well documented…thanks

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