Battling seasonal changes: 4 successful ways to stay strong and healthy

seasonal change


With the seasonal changes and winter setting in, your health should remain as colourful as the Christmas tree! Let not seasonal illness dampen your spirits.

Running nose. Itchy and sore throat. Fever. Muscle pain. Headaches, body aches, and whatnot. The whole world seems to become irritating.

Well, seasonal change and its gift of viral fever and other illnesses aren’t uncommon. While most of us suffer due to sudden temperature changes and are prone to the common cold and fever, a few are blessed to be unaffected. 

People like me with allergies; it’s worse for us.

However, taking precautions is never a bad idea, whether or not we fall prey to seasonal changes!


Keeping the virus in check

While we all know that taking the right medicines and adequate rest will cure us and rid us of the virus, I think it is wiser not to fall, victim. Keeping oneself safe and healthy and ensuring that the seasonal change and the virus do not attack us would be a better option any day. And as they say, prevention is better than cure.

So, prevention it is from seasonal changes.


Prevention from the seasonal change


seasonal change


So, instead of depending on medicines and crying after catching the virus, let us dig into some of the easiest, simplest, and most effective means to keep the virus in check and develop strong immunity against seasonal changes.

Here are some of the tried and tested ways to keep your health shining bright during the seasonal changes and onset of winters:



Make water your best friend throughout. Any season, stagnant and changing, any hour of the day, and any day, drinking plenty of fluids is a sure shot to keep yourself free of toxins.

You can drink water (the basic at least), fresh fruit juices, tea (red/green/ flavoured/ anything you like), and other herbal drinks to have a variety. 

But remember that in whichever form, the more fluid you intake, the better are your chances to fight the virus during seasonal changes. It will keep your organs and tissues hydrated and specifically rid you of harmful toxins that weaken your immunity.


Diet: Seasonal food and fruits

The more colourful your platter is, the higher the chances that your body will benefit from multiple nutrients. 

Include different types of vegetables like carrot, spinach, red bell pepper, broccoli, and fruits like kiwi, oranges, sweet lime, apples, and the like that are available in abundance during this time. They are a great source of vitamins and minerals, all of which boost the immune system and keep one healthy and strong, especially during seasonal changes.

Tip: Focus particularly on Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and folate.

Also, include loads of dry fruits in your diet.

In addition to seasonal fruits and vegetables, focus on having all available vegetables and fruits in their rawest form (juices, cut, or boiled, depending on how they can be consumed).

Tip: Add loads of ginger to your diet in any form and see how it works wonder to improve your immunity to fight seasonal changes.



There is no alternative to exercising, and nothing better than exercising.

Adding the necessary amount of movement to the body will not only bring the needed agility and keep you healthy but also boost your mental health.

We tend to become sedentary during seasonal changes and the winters. This is not only bad for physical health but also mental health. It contributes to lethargy and fatigue and eventually leads to weaker immunity as we tend to avoid making the right choices. 

The fitter one is, the better the body’s ability to fight germs will be.

You can choose from a range of activities like hiking, cycling, running, swimming, and moderate exercises. You could also do yoga. Keep the duration for exercising at least 30 mins.

Tip: If nothing else, then walk at least half an hour.


seasonal change



Develop good habits

Focus on hygiene:

you must have heard this a zillion times: wash your hands regularly. You know how important it is to remain hygienic, so it is wise to start executing, too (at regular intervals). Also, practice essential habits like covering your nose and mouth while sneezing, wearing a mask, using hand sanitizers, and bathing with proper care as prevention against illness due to seasonal changes.

Adequate rest:

when your body is given the necessary rest, it repairs itself and gets stronger to fight for you. Sleeping for at least 7-8 hours a day will help your nervous and immune systems to gain the strength to keep you healthy.

Wearing the right clothes:

remember that health is more important than fashion. So, with the season changing, focus on wearing clothes that will keep you warm and fit. It would be best if you covered your ears properly so that you do not catch a seasonal change cold. Also, wear layers as per need so that your body can prepare to tackle the changes in temperature.

Getting fresh air:

despite the air getting chilly and the dip in temperature, it is critical to get fresh air and keep your rooms well-ventilated. Staying in one place or behind closed doors will invite germs. So, spend time in the sun! After taking the necessary precautions, spend time outside in fresh air for some time every day.

So, let’s get ready for Happy Winters minus the cough and cold!

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  1. I have also seen that drinking water solves majority of the problems that human body faces. Quite a knowledgeable post.
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