8 Travel Mistakes to Avoid


Planning an Itinerary. Looking for flight or train tickets.

Searching for Hotels.

Packing everything.

Phewwww, Already feeling tired?

Don’t be. You still need to get yourself ready for the trip, embark on the journey and have a blast.

We all love to travel and explore new places, try out new cuisines and enjoy ourselves to the fullest but planning a vacation is a laborious job if you want everything to be perfect.

Planning and searching take days before locking the dates and reserving the stays. Imagine giving so much time to everything and deciding on a vacation, and then something goes wrong. It will be disappointing and a waste of money and time.

Travelers often face different troubles and hardships on their way to their destination, which can ruin the trip and permanently stain your travel memories. Here is a list of some of the most common travel mistakes you should note to avoid.



Most Common Travel Mistakes:


Over Packing


Travel Mistake


I am sure we all have faced this when packing for a trip. Have you ever felt that you want to take all your favorite dresses on your trip and end up overpacking? Everything is ok with this, as this is the most common feeling for many of us. When on vacation, you will not like to carry all your suitcases all the time. The little trick to avoid over-packing is choosing a bag suitable for the trip duration. If you are going for a three days trip, a small trolley or duffle bag is enough. Choose wisely and then fit in with the necessary clothes. That way, you will only get the chance to pack everything needed and not anything extra.


Overambitious Itinerary



Sometimes we have significantly less time, but we try to prepare an itinerary that covers a lot. This is a big mistake and a complete no-no. Going on a vacation is not only about visiting places. It is also about relaxation from the busy schedule. So, plan an itinerary that serves both purposes and do not make a mistake by making an overambitious itinerary. Avoid from being a part of another hectic schedule on vacations. Make an apt itinerary and just enjoy.


Carrying Valuables



When going on a trip, do not take things or jewelries that are very expensive. It might attract pickpockets, and then you will be in danger. Then again, it is essential to note that carrying too many expensive things while traveling can be risky for you too. You might end up losing them somewhere in between. So, it is always better not to make the mistake of carrying valuables with you when on a trip.


Underestimating Time



Many people plan car travels for a trip without knowing the distance or the time needed for that. This might create a chaotic situation and spoil your mood and vacation. Avoid the mistake of underestimating time by checking the distances of the places you want to visit. You can also check the time required on google to cover that distance and then chalk out your plans as per the available time.


Booking Flights with Less In Between Time



Often we need to take connecting flights to reach our destination, and it is tiring to switch flights and go through the security check-in process again. When boarding international flights, there is a possibility that the in-between time between two connecting flights is long. Stay calm and take some rest in between instead of making the mistake of booking two flights with very less in between duration. When the time is less, there is a high chance that you might miss the second flight. During unavoidable circumstances, if the first flight gets delayed, you will miss the second one, creating a mess again. So, it is always better to book flights will adequate in between time.


Not Checking the Reservation Details



These days reservations are made online, and at times technical issues happen. You should recheck the reservation details once again before starting your trip. Call the hotel and train and flight customer care to confirm your reservations as per your booking ids before you set into motion. If there is any issue, you will get to know that beforehand and accordingly, you can re-plan. If you have not checked your reservation and then you reach the place to know there is no booking done then you will be in soup. Vacations are to relish your soup and not to be in it.


Being Unaware of the Local Culture and Customs



When you are going on a vacation to some place, it means you want to explore and experience something new. That is why we love to travel, right? You might not be aware of the local culture and customs of a place but that does not mean you will make the mistake of going to that place without knowing about it at all. Do some pre-tour study on the place, local culture, and customs and then experience it live. You will feel much better and gather enhanced experiences on your trip that way. Avoid making the mistake of being completely unaware.


Staying constantly active on Social Media



A vacation means a break from the daily routine and some fun time with your partner/ friends/ family. If you spend most of your time staring at your phone, then going on this trip is meaningless. You can be at home and stay active on social media, also. What is the need to go on a vacation then? Do I sound strict? No, all I am trying to say is that when on vacation look at the place, enjoy the scenic beauty and the company instead of keeping yourself busy with your phone.


Do not just let go of the days of planning you are doing for your next trip. Just make sure you do not make any of these mistakes, and then you are all set for a fun-filled trip.


Enjoy to the fullest.


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