4 Pocket Friendly Ideas for Your Dream Wedding


“We’re starting our days together, let’s spend all our money in one day”

This thought of spending all the money on wedding night gives many a heart-attack. Parents or brides and grooms often choose the path of luxurious wedding without giving any thought of their future ahead. There was such an event I came across with when I went to my friend’s wedding. She burnt all her savings to arrange the important day in her life.

But sadly, she would not be able to make it a smart wedding. This gives a thought why not to research on how to make the wedding smart and also within the budget. It means the appearance would be like an expensive affair but it will not burn someone’s pocket.

However, we know that Indian big-fat wedding, quite an expensive affair whether you are the parents or the brides and grooms, planning for it. The solution of this problem lies in how one manages the wedding plans. Indians are much sentimental when it comes to their marriage and every girl dreams of the ultimate embellishment of their wedding nights.

The budget wedding is not much popular in India but it could be given a thought with a proper planning and execution. This budget wedding plan would be a way out from the recursive traditional wedding plans. So, if you want to know how to execute this budget wedding, you are absolutely at the right place. Keep reading!


Venue Selection

It depends on the people whether one wants to choose the destination wedding or the simple wedding enveloped in the expensive décor in their own cosy homes. Destination wedding would cost crores where the home wedding can be done within 10 lakhs. Needless to say, this would look absolutely smart and classy.

Let’s look at the comparison which would be most budget friendly. Home decoration would be an expensive affair if it is not handled deftly. The people in the wedding management need to be extra careful when they are arranging their homes for the gala nights.

The icing on the cake would be the man power. In the locality, there would be trusted people whom the work responsibilities can be delegated. This would save the budget and also no extra costs of traveling.



The Décor: Let’s Make an Easy DIY Décor at Home

Indian weddings are mostly of five to six days affair including Mehendi, Haldi, and Sangeet nights. Brides and grooms pay bulk amount of money to decorate the banquet hall. Let’s plan to make those events a small-budgeted affairs.

The easiest and attractive décor ideas would be highlighting the backdrop with floral or chiffon curtains. The lights and flowers would adorn the backdrop which would hardly cost 2500-3000/-. There are many wedding-stand available in the Amazon.com and with few props like hola hoop and the artificial trees and flowers, backdrops for mehendi or haldi nights can be arranged.

For the wedding night, the decoration has to be vibrant enough and for that mandap or the stage is required where brides and grooms will take their pheras and the entire marriage rituals would happen. Here, the suggestion would be to hire four and five people and give them the props and instructions how to arrange the mandap. This could be either done by self or taking help from the decorators.

But the planning of the decoration has to be solid from the beginning. The one who is going to be married should know how he/she is going to decorate the wedding mandap and the surroundings.



Let’s Talk about Food and Beverage

When it comes to food, Indians can spend their entire savings to treat their guests with utmost care. Indians spend huge money in arranging different cuisines. It starts from starters to desserts to show love and care to their guests. How to make the food items extremely sumptuous and affordable at the same time.

India is a country with colossal amounts of communities and different rituals. From vegetarian dishes to nonvegetarian, there are loads of items arranged in the wedding house. This entire catering service can be enough costly and it depends on the number of guests. The best part in the catering would be the food selection.



Guest List: The Most Important Affairs

Indians do believe in fancy things when it comes to the wedding. The entire ambience is lifted up with loud music, heavy clothes, jewelleries, and massive number of guests. The best way in cutting down the guest list to invite the close friends and family members.



Smart Wedding Would Decide Smarter Lifestyle Ahead

People often do not understand their ability to spend and for mere prestige and false recognition, they spend enormous amount on their wedding just to make their wedding high profile. With the smartest decision, one can easily plan their wedding budget friendly which would prevent them from getting into debt trap. Smart people choose smarter ideas to make their grand wedding look class yet budget-friendly.






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