3 Minimalistic Short Stories You Would Like to Read


Literary stories are all about the boisterous language and lofty emotions behind it. The stories are the form of entertainment that we all love to listen and share with our dear ones. Let us talk about those stories that create the imaginary characters and plots. Short stories are such literary forms that include fables, fairy tales, legend, and myth. This blog will take you down the memory lane with the simple fables that would not take much time of yours and you can totally indulge in it.

A Man with Two Lives by Ambrose Bierce

The story of a simple man who spent most of the time in an army camp lived his life as a confused individual. This story is not substantial with lots of layers to explore. The man escaped from the camp and returned when the major refused to identify him and put him in hiding. The man could not control his emotion of coming back to the same spot where he could have met his own end.

This story hardly takes one-sitting and the best one for the team time. The readers do not need to engage themselves to understand the complexities of the characters; rather they can enjoy such lucid stories while indulging in beverages. Such stories do not contain the fluffy words and extensive literary elements. Next time, when you feel low and like to read some simple yet interesting story, you can pick this one up.

The Lottery Ticket by Anton Chekhov

There is a difference between dream and daydream. One should not let the minds hallucinate with something vague and insignificant. This story of Chekov made us see how a couple let their minds have some wool-gathering thoughts on lottery tickets. Wife in this story, a prime character, tends to purchase lottery ticket to make them rich. They built the castle of hopes in the air that one day, they will gain a lumpsum money from lottery tickets and further they start devising plan what would be done with the money.

Their dreams got shattered once they checked the series and found it similar with the ticket but the number is different. The anger reached to its peak and couple started beating their heads for the mistakes they did. This story gives us the reality-check that our minds should not be hallucinated with the false dreams that we often weave for ourselves.

The Bowmen by Arthur Machen

If you want to go back to the days of world wars, this story is perfect fit for you. This outstanding piece will unwind an individual’s story who fought for the British army against Germany. The best part is that Machen used the lucid words to express his emotions through this story. The plot is not that complicated and one could enjoy the story without getting much involved in it.

Such story is basic but gives a beautiful push to our imagination. If anyone wants to take a lesson from this story, this would be how a soldier needs to keep his clam at the most dreadful situation to turn the event. British soldiers were almost on the verge of losing the war, but a bowmen’s help turned the almost lost battel to victory.

Such stories are intricate in nature and it can give the momentary pleasure in our gloomy days. To read more about such stories, here is a recommendation of the book that you can consider, World’s Greatest Short Stories.

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  1. Short stories are great for people like me who is not a good reader. We can read good stories and finish them in one sitting.

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