3 Life-Changing Latest Developments in Technology of 2023

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Today, it hit me: we’ve got fewer than 100 days left in 2023! The year passed so fast.  

The most buzzing topic in 2023 was ChatGpt. The year started with discussions about AI replacing human roles, from content creators to graphic designers, and all predicted that AI would take our jobs. But ChatGPT is just the beginning. The tech world keeps evolving at a lightning speed, impacting various facets of our lives.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the latest developments in technologies in 2023.

1. The Latest Developments in Technology: Metaverse


Facebook turned to metaverse in 2021, involving three of its biggest planets, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp. The world goes virtual after the pandemic, and meta added a new layer to it. Since its creation, it has been working to develop a meta-universe based on virtual reality that would allow the user to interact and function in a simulated environment. In 2023, it will reach to a new height by adding different types of virtual experiences within its univer.

The 2023 Development


In 2023, with the latest developments in technology, the metaverse provides newer experiences to its users. It provides the platform to create metaverse events and corporate environments by utilizing virtual reality. In 2023, a special development has been observed in the Metaverse, mainly related to NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens).

Now, what is NFT?

If we consider the metaverse as a world, then NFT is the currency of that world. The NFTs of the metaverse can be used to develop more realistic experiences, including virtual real estate, better gaming experiences, and arranging virtual events. Overall, this year metaverse will offer a better user experience by providing more real-life feeling through virtual and augmented reality.

Future of Metaverse


Did you ever imagine, in the year 2000, that you will frequently check your phone (to check FB or Instagram) while hanging out with your friend?

But that unimaginable is the reality now.

When fully developed, the metaverse will similarly make you more glued to your virtual world than the real one. It can be assumed that by 2030, most of the real-life interaction will be replaced by meta, including business meets, social events and the marketplace.

How will it impact you?


When fully flourished, the metaverse will change your living experience. If you are a business owner, then be prepared to arrange your business meeting through Meta; if you are a consumer, then be ready to interact in the virtual marketplace; if you are a student, be ready to give your first interview through Meta.

Like social media, the metaverse will bring social change by blurring the line between the actual and virtual reality



2. The Latest Developments in Technology: Blockchain and Web3


What Is It?


Blockchain is a decentralized digital database used as an online ledger. In general, people use the terms blockchain and cryptocurrency interchangeably, but blockchain can be applied in many different business areas beyond cryptocurrency. Some of the fields using blockchain efficiently include Supply Chain Management, Healthcare and Fintech. Read my previous blog to know more about blockchain technology and the way it helped the business. Web3 is a closely related technology that decentralized the internet to give more power of ownership to its users. Web3 also includes NFTs and DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations). In each of the previous cases, Web3 creates a decentralized network system for the users.

The 2023 Development


The cryptocurrency market related to the blockchain, experienced its downside trend in 2023. However, we need to remember that this downfall came with human errors, like corruption and embezzlement, rather than technological failure.

On the other hand, in 2023, blockchain was ultimately able to establish its identity beyond the development and existence of cryptocurrency, and by combining it with Web 3.0, it created a whole new digital world for the business. For example, the development of digital smart contracts makes the blockchain a secure technology for the business organizations.

Web 3.0, still in its budding state, is one of the most notable latest developments in technology. Creating fungible and non-fungible tokens is one of the strong developments that is observed this year. As per the expectation, by 2024, 25% of the businesses will use Web3.0 in the form of decentralized applications.


Future of Web 3

As per the experts, Web3 settled the power balance of the internet by giving more power to the end users through its decentralization. It works to develop a more trust-based environment where the end users need to work responsibly for the sake of the whole community. It is expected that in the future, it will create a more transparent user experience that will feel as a breeze of fresh air after our encounter with the counterfeit and catfishing.

How will it impact you?


The Web 3.0 will make the users more responsible for their actions and keep them accountable. It will make the internet more interactive and more trustworthy for the users, mainly first-time users.


3. The Latest Developments in Technology: Internet of Things (IoT)


What Is It?


The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) has been known for years, but it has not been used to its full potential yet. IoT is the technology that connects the physical devices with the data and network. IoT devices, commonly called smart devices, were connected through data, using sensors and microcontrollers.

IoT helps to develop an automated environment that can work by its own network with minimal human involvement. Smart TVs and Smart fridges are some of the widely used IoT devices. Google developed a business section named Nest, based on the IoT devices for creating a Smart home.

The 2023 Development


The advancement of AIML helps to make a more condensed network through IoT by giving better connectivity to the network devices. In the initial days, IoT devices used only for smart homes, but it is expected that by the end of 2023 IoT will be used in the industrial areas as well, shifting industrial automation to the next level. As the technology has been used on a wider level, the connectivity becomes smoother, and costs become lower. Some of the latest developments in technology, like wearable devices and smart grids have been created based on the IoT technology.

Future Of IoT


The proper implementation of IoT is yet to be done, and it has a promising future at the individual, business, and government levels. It can be assumed that IoT will be one of the major operative platforms in healthcare. As the majority of the world population is going to the other side of 60, the significance of IoT-based healthcare systems, like wearables and in-home sensors for continuous monitoring, has become more relevant and useful.
The government is another agent that should also utilize IoT to its full potential for better distributions of utilities, like water, electricity and internet, by reducing its waste.

How will it impact you?


IoT makes human life easier and makes them more dependable on machines. Creating a Smart home environment doesn’t only make living more comfortable but also secure. The IoT application on the government level can be one of the key solutions to energy and water savings, reducing unnecessary waste. But, at every level, it would create a threat, as taking unauthorized access to your home or your city can be done with only some keystrokes.

So, after checking all the latest developments in technology, what have you found to be the most mind-blowing one?

Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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