10 Tips to Keep your Home Clean and Organized



How exactly do you feel when you enter a well decorated hotel room?

Don’t you feel your morning is already good when you wake up in the morning to see your house perfectly in order?

It is all because of the clean and organized décor of the interior you are in.

Well, your house also needs that special care and time to make it look that way which is then reciprocated to you as good vibes.


Clean House


How to Keep your House Clean Everyday


Make your Bed in the Morning

The first thing that you get to see when you open your eyes in the morning is your messed up bed. Although it is hard to leave the cozy comfort zone when the sun is up but work calls and you need to get up. What is left behind is a strong desire to get back into the blanket and a messy bed. It is essential for you to make your bed early in the morning so that you feel tidy and fresh to start a new day. (It will also drive you away from the desire to get back there soon. ;))


Wipe the Bedside Table and Your Workspace

Now, there is no denying the fact that pollution has increased considerably with the passage of time. Leaving any piece of furniture unattended for a very long time means you will find a layer of dust particles settled on them. You may not get the time to wipe all of them regularly but atleast do that with your bedside table and the workspace because you use that regularly and dust can be a big turn off for anyone. It is equally unhealthy as you can also catch dust allergy from that.



Clear Your Dishwasher and Clothes Hanger Every Morning

I know the lazy feeling when it comes to clearing your dishwasher and the clothes hanger every morning but doing it is necessary. Make sure that you clear both your dishwasher and cloth hanger every morning so that you can use it anytime throughout the day. Doing these works early in the morning not only helps to get the work done but also makes your house look clean.


Make a Daily Laundry Habit

Everybody is busy these days and doing laundry on a daily basis is not always feasible. Try changing this habit to stay clean and tidy. Doing your laundry daily means you are wearing or using clean and washed pieces of clothes. Also, you will not feel overburdened with dirty clothes at the end of the week if you wash your clothes on a daily basis.



Clear the Garbage and other Dustbins

The worst impression comes from the stinking and days old garbage and dustbins. Imagine entering the kitchen with the stench following your everywhere. That is absolutely not healthy and expected. No matter how beautifully your house is decorated, the foul stench from the dustbin can make your guest feel uncomfortable and disgusted. So, it is always wise to clear your dustbin every day in the morning before your start a new day.


Wipe Sinks and Faucets

This is not something that people do every day but try doing it for a week and see the difference. Regularly wiped sink and faucets will make your kitchen look good and clean. You never know it might give you the urge to cook more food and spend some more time in the kitchen.



Get rid of the Unwanted Papers

All of our drawers and tables and shelves have bills, brochure, flyers or other unwanted papers piling up day after day without any attention. Do not let that hamper the cleanliness of your house. Check every day and get rid of the unwanted pieces of papers immediately. That way your drawers and tables will be cleared of unwanted papers and the essential ones will be easy to find also.


Keep a House Cleaning Schedule

Take out 30 to 60 minutes every day from your busy schedule to clean your house. I know it is difficult for many and then some would say that 30 minutes is not enough for cleaning. Make a schedule for house cleaning and clean little portions every day. By the end of the week you will find that you have collectively cleaned the entire house effectively by following that schedule. It actually works.



10 Tips to Keep Everything Tidy and Organized


Keep Things in its Original place

Organize the Shelves

Take things with you

Make a Place for Everything

Know and Clear your High Traffic Areas




Get your entire Family into Cleaning



Use Baskets for scattered and disorganized stuffs

Store Cleaning Supplies at a Convenient Place

So get up and start with these tips because as it is said “Cleanliness is next to Godliness.”

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