Why Homestays are better than Hotels?


Why Homestays are better than Hotels?

Do you feel homesick when you are on a trip? Do you miss the comfort and sincerity of your home while staying at hotels? Do you feel that you are lacking the warmth of a home amidst the chilly mountain weather? 

If YES, then HOMESTAYS can solve all of your problems!!

Finding a place to relax while on a trip is important because if you are not relaxed then you cannot enjoy the trip. Especially while traveling to remote places, finding good hotels with excellent services can be a tough job to do. In such cases, homestays are there to help you out!

Here are some of the reasons for you to decide between hotels and homestays…


What is a homestay?

Homestays are homes of the local people that allow the tourists to live with the local families. Generally, homestays have similar accommodations as hotels such as rooms with attached bathrooms but the sincerity and homely atmosphere make them special. Generally, homestays can be found in remote locations where hotels are not present. They have a more personal touch to it than corporate hotels.


Why homestays?

Here are some reasons why they can be your first choice while choosing a stay:

They feel like home:

Just as the name itself suggests, homestays are “homes.” They might be homes of the local people but the homestay owners treat their guests as their families. Anyone staying at a homestay can feel the cozy and homely atmosphere as the homestay owners take care of every guest as a member of their extended family.

Anugrah Homestay, Takdah, West Bengal

Delicious home-cooked meals:

If you don’t like outside food for too long and crave some warm home-cooked meals while on a trip, homestays are your best friends! Indian homestays offer excellent home-cooked food which is generally hearty Indian meals. Generally, homestays provide four meals a day including tea/coffee and snacks.

A typical homestay menu consists of puri-sabzi/bread/aloo paratha/noodles etc. for breakfast, rice/roti, daal, veg-curry, fish/egg/chicken, etc. for lunch and dinner along with pakoras and momos for snacks.


There are innumerous reasons to choose a homestay over a hotel but one of the most crucial is they are way cheaper with equal or better service. Homestays are cheaper as they charge per person/per day and these charges are including meals.

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Best locations:

Many of the homestays are located away from the congested and crowded areas and thus they can provide the peace and serenity that many hotels fail to provide. They are located in remote areas with excellent views from your bedroom or balcony.

Welcoming people:

As the homestay owners are the only people working on taking care of the guests and there is no outside staff working there, they are some of the warmest and most welcoming people who will take care of every little need of the guests. Unlike the hotels, there is almost no homestay with bad service.

In conclusion, homestays can be an excellent idea to travel without losing the homely warmth.

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  2. Homestay generally can accomodate handfull travellers…incase of a group tour probably hotel will be the good choice…also few other infrastructure can’t be available like hotel…but this blog indeed a good one and well documented and helpfull…thanks…

  3. Hey Susmita, more than about homestay’s I enjoyed knowing about places which I was unaware of. Looking forward to know more about such places in future. Also, would appreciate if in your next blog you could update us regarding how to reach the place as well.

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