Love, Rains, and Travelling in the Times of Corona.


Love is an emotion that can potentially turn one’s world into a mess or calm down all the anxious nerves. Love can mean different feelings to different people. To some, it is the balm to their broken hearts. It works like magic to some, and to some, it can be the reason for butterflies in their stomachs. Some seek refuge in love. Some dream through love. It is a waste of time for some, and for some, it can be the only reason to live. Happiness or heartbreak; everyone has fallen in love at least once!

Love – a word so powerful emotionally

I am in love too. You can even say that I am one of those who are madly in love, and to me, the person I am in love with is not just a priority but a lifeline as well. I am so much in love that every moment away from him makes me super anxious and super sad at the same time.

I have been in many relationships, but never have I been so madly in love. By nature, I am extraordinarily romantic, and I have no shame in accepting the fact I am all about public display of affection, grand romantic gestures, and going down on the knee kind of lover.

Some of you will understand me and the madness I am talking about; trust me, nothing personal to all those unable to relate. Every person has their definition of love, and each of them is acceptable. No one should be judging the person and their meanings under any circumstances. In this world full of chaos and hatred, I am sure all of us can do our part of not adding more negativity.

I love the rains too. In fact, I am a pluviophile. Yes, I find rain soothing and full of life. More than often, rains have cheered me up on a dull and scorching afternoon. It has brought happy tears to my eyes when I am sad, and it has also made me feel romantic when thinking about him.

Today, however, nothing seems to be working.

Today’s weather has been particularly gloomy, and the continuous rain sounds outside have added more sorrow to my sad mind instead of cheering me up.

My Dil goes mmmm…

Love can do weird things to the mind!

I have been reading love poems since morning, hoping that I will find some solace in them. Probably I will also find pleasant “I love you quotes” to put up as my WhatsApp “about line.”

Yes, love does weird things to the sad mind.

My heart has been in an aching mode ever since the love of my life has gone abroad on a business project. It has not only been snatching away the time meant for me but also ensuring that we get into silly fights!


Being in love can be both liberating and frustrating!

That reminds me. My colleague has been nagging me constantly to go on a weekend trip with her, and I have been postponing it mainly because I am sad and probably also because I have been stressed about work and my love life.

I guess travelling can be an excellent cure for my frustrated mind. Worst case, it will leave me in the same state that I am already in.

Nonetheless, if it works, I will have a more relaxed mind and wonderful trip memories.

Okay, let me go and check some weekend tourist attractions near me. People like me juggling office and sadness and desperately in need of a break; I will be back soon with some beautiful places to share along with travel tips.



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