They don’t tell you this about ‘Copywriting’!

Things they don't tell you about

Are you from the content multiverse? Okay, that was defo, cause standing on today, who isn’t?
Then here’s a project for you.

Define your job role, and get to earn a package of ‘Clarity’ today.

Sorry to call out your pain-point dear creator. But if you realize that’s a common pain point in the Content-verse and that’s what leads us all here. None of us literally know what exactly our designation begins and ends at. Our Linked in Profiles might read an ornament of words, but the fact stays that a huge percentage of us are yet not aware of our key responsibility areas as the content industry is itself still defining the roles of content creators. Is it expressing ourselves in words, generating and sharing ideas with our designers, getting the idea executed with finesse, or just writing down an idea or a passage based on client needs and leaving the room?

And the questions zero down to this one question…Who am I?

A Content-Writer or a Copy-Writer or an aspiring Copy-Writer.

And the answer to it can begin to get defined once you understand how responsible is your creation towards generating traffic or/and conversion for your client.

Reality Check: Most of us reading this blog will end up identifying themselves under the third basket.

Am I a Content-Writer or a Copy-Writer?

Copywriting makes you more money.
And that’s just the surface.

Content Writing is education. Copy Writing is how you pay the fees to the school. Say you have a meeting to attend. You don’t know what to wear. You consult Google to get suggestions. You land up an article that tells you how to dress. In that blog, you find links that open up a page offering you exactly what you need and a link that leads you to add it to your cart too. The first blog was content. The second chunk is a copy, one that you arrived at after a variation of drafts.

Being able to persuade someone to buy from you is a superpower.
And if you can do it, your copy and you are an asset to your client, my friend.

But that being said, the conversion funnel isn’t just about conversion. It has a few stages for a reason. One cannot expect a could-be-buyer to land up on your selling page and add it to your cart unless you are in between a marketer’s midsummer’s night dream. Now building the branding and awareness with social proof that validates your product’s utility and brings traffic to the sales pages, you need a content writer.

Thus Copywriters are usually paid a base fee plus a percentage of the sales they generate. And Content-writers are paid based on the count of words they write.

Reality Check: There are ten variants of Copywriting and also Copywriting is one of the most-earning skills in 2023.

Do we still have you? Then there are a few resources we would like to reward you with.

Let’s face it. Free resources that really work are real-time lucrative. And if you are in the copywriting race for some time now you must know that most of the Free Resources aren’t free. Really.

So here are a few tried and tested copywriting teaching apps, which might work for you. Let us know if useful enough by dropping a mail at Every Copywriter loves measuring impact.

Is networking important for a Copywriter?

As a copywriter, it is your responsibility to be fluent and understood before being bought. And ‘socializing’ is your practical class. Get a taste of your target market on the field before writing for them. As a copywriter who goes networking, you should have three network baskets in mind. A mass group that tells you how your ad-copy sounds. You can call them the ‘Impacters’. An influential circle that promotes your work in their public circles, simply to be called the ‘Promoters’. And an Expert, who guides you when you are stuck. Two things to remember here is your Expert can not be expected to be your Impacter. Both these circles got their own worth to justify. Your Expert can not be your end client to kiss, and your Impacter can only tell you what’s not working and not how you can make it work.

Reality Check: You can find all of them over content-serious Social Media Pedestals like LinkedIn. Simply join groups to learn from as well publish your ad copies to ‘Impacter’. And find expert advice from Pros.

As an SM Manager, what is a Copywriter’s prime process to proceed?

You won’t believe it but as an SM Manager, a three-step process that a Copywriter can adhere to is V-W-R.

V for Visual Intelligence, W for Writing, and R for Research. Visual Intelligence here is the bridge between the idea you have thought of and the way you plan to express it for your target customer to see, feel and respond to. The second stage which is Writing is being vocal with campaigns and then creating ad copies with words that your target market understands. And the step of Research just keeps you ahead by imparting Depth to what you create and you are updated with what’s new in the tool basket to help you sharpen.

💡Do you feel lost when pitching to your past or present clients for work? Here’s how we can help. Drop us a ‘Hi’ below and we send a pitch template to your inbox, one you can safely use to land clients while thanking us! Mind you, an ideal pitch should be 100-150 words on the first blow. So keep it crisp when you are moderating it based on your needs.

There is so much more that we feel to add to this blog. Points on how Empathy with your end-market can convert better, How AI platforms like WordTune or AnyWord can actually be your friend and not competition when used wisely, How to escape the terrors of the creative process, how to get more relevant to your client, to build a portfolio without a client and lot more. But then again, as a Copywriter to a Copywriter, we first need to listen to if we are being heard, to increase the value of the words we write…So give us a shout-out in the comments section, your tribe of copywriters if you want a sequel to this! As that’s how we plan to change the world…

One word (read, one blog) at a time.


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