New Year as New Beginning!


After going through the heading, you all must be wondering that again this post is going to tell you about the same repeated lessons such as ‘new year, new me’ or ‘make some new resolutions…’ Stop. If you are thinking of any of these points then let me stop you right there because this post is not going to be a regular same repeated New Year post. So, you must be wondering if this post is not about those lessons then what it’s going to be about. This blog is going to discuss all those accomplishments and lessons that I have learned from the year 2021 and in some way or other, it might help anyone and also how I have planned for my new year.


What 2021 has taught me?

To be honest once in a while we all have felt that since the pandemic has hit us it feels that we are stuck in the year 2020 only the dates on the calendar are changing otherwise more or less everything is the same. I was also one of those people who used to sit and thought that ‘Why did this happen to me?’ ‘Why I did not receive my last farewell?’ ‘Why did my student life end like this?’ and many more these kinds of questions. Then one fine day I realized instead of questioning these questions let’s find the solution for them because let us be frank, is sitting in one place and questioning the situation going to solve the problem? Most people choose to complain about the problem rather than find the solution to it even though I was also one of them at a time. So, yes I decided now I won’t complain and I will try to find the solutions for my entire problems.


How to find solutions?

Well, the first step toward finding the solution for any problem is to stop thinking about the problem. The moment we will stop wasting our time thinking about the problem and will utilize our time in finding the solution to our problem, more than half of our problem will vanish because even if the problem is smaller, it has become our habit to exaggerate it by overthinking.

The best example that I can recall is my job. I was worried that during the pandemic people are losing their jobs, I have completed my master but I have no job, what I would do, how would I find a job. Then I realized that my overthinking is not going to stop because it has no upper limits, also it is not going to help me in finding any full-time job, so instead of wasting my energy in thinking let’s channel that energy somewhere else. So, I started applying for a job on various job platforms, like LinkedIn, Naukri and I get a full-time job within a month. So, every problem has a solution, it’s just a matter of perspectives, whether you want to focus on the problem or you want to focus on the solution.


What am I expecting from 2022?

Well, to be honest, ‘NOTHING.’ I have to stop expecting things from people or life because no matter whatever you plan unexpected things will surprise you in the adventurous course of life. So, why would I waste my energy and emotions? But yes, I do expect a little from myself in this New Year. I do expect from myself that I would become a better version of myself, and apply all the lessons that I have learned from 2021 in this New Year. This New Year I have planned to eliminate all those negative people, things that hamper my mental peace because I have understood that if I need to prosper in life, the most important thing is mental peace. So, from personal experience, I can say that instead of doing things for ‘formality’ just end it because if you are doing it for the sake of just doing it, then my dear friend you are wasting your time. I have learned in 2021 that ‘Time is Life,’ so enjoy, cherish, learn, and prosper, in short, utilize your time and become the best version of yourself with keeping a smile on your face! Have a great and prosperous new year to everyone. Raise your glass to the new beginning of life and rock this year!

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  1. Interesting. I hope, you too keep coming back to your blog and keep reading the learnings of 2021. Keep sharing. Keep writing.

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