Celebrating the Rotation of Earth: Is it really important?


Since we have officially stepped into another new year, I believe it is a good time to reflect on our actions. This is kind of a monologue for people like me who have been extremely hard on themselves and find it difficult to get over their guilt.

I have been observing that many people have exclaimed on social media platforms that “why do people become so much excited about the new year when it is just the planet completing a rotation around the sun?” This made me rethink the whole idea of a new year and I realized that it is not about celebrating the rotation of the earth but rather about finding new hope.

A new year works as a restart button for many as we tend to think with a new year, we will be able to leave behind our worries and start a new journey. A new year brings the hope that we might have lost. Every individual is fighting his or her own battles every day and in the process, we might lose the motivation to go on and with a new year, it seems like a fresh start.

Although it is not possible to restart life these types of celebrations help people to move on with their lives. With a new year, many of us try to rejuvenate ourselves with better habits. Without hope, life becomes even more complicated and a new year brings new opportunities to have faith and start something new.

We are in search of constant motivation and when it seems like there is nothing, even a new day can bring the faith back to take a deep breath and start fresh. New Year inspires people to make resolutions. At the same time, it allows people to think about the things that they want to change about themselves and work on them for a better tomorrow. This cycle repeats as the year ends and another year starts. It feels like a constant circle of finding new motivations to keep going in life.

I can tell from my own experiences, I have been pretty hard on myself in the past year. As Alexander Pope has once said “To err is human”, we all make mistakes and many of us carry regrets and guilt as burdens. I did the same. However, as a new year was around the corner, I started reflecting on my actions as it seemed that my life is going to restart and I am getting another chance. This feeling is important! I believe that a new year helps to open up the Pandora’s Box of our life in which we have collected all of the regrets and sorted them out one by one to have a fresh start. It works like fuel for our minds to take a look back at the painful memories and make peace with them so that we can bid them farewell and take a step towards a better future.

In the end, I have reached the conclusion that celebrating a new year or earth’s complete orbital rotation is more than science as it is making peace with a past and giving ourselves a chance to be happy again. It is a fresh start to finding happiness again that we might have lost. It brings faith to smile again without being afraid of falling. After all, we are mere humans, we fall, we learn, we rise again!

Cheers to a new beginning!!

Happy New Year!

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  1. Interesting takes Susmita. When I read the title, I thought you are among the one who believes into it. But after reading the blog, it was good to know that I was wrong. 🙂

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