Human Resource Leaders- Bridge between Management and Work Force


What is Human Resource?

When speaking of the corporate sector, Human Resource is a ubiquitous  term that you will come across. The majority of educated people are aware of it. However, for those still in the dark, Human Resource is that department or segment of an organization or business that looks after the hiring process, administration, and training of personnel. In simple words it can be said that all worker or employee-related responsibilities are carried out by this department


What is Leadership?



Leadership is basically about the action of leading or heading a group of people in any business or organization, or institution. Undoubtedly, they are at the top most layers of any organization and are responsible for any and all kinds of decision-making process.


What is Human Resource Leadership?



Now, coming to the most exciting part of it all- Human Resource Leadership.

Well, it is about being leaders who act as mediators bridging the gap between upper management and the workforce. They also champion causes on behalf of the employees. Since the human resource leader is the key, he or she plays a pivotal role in the whole organization. One of his or her primary responsibilities includes resolving difficult situations.

Leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality. —Warren Bennis


5 Traits or Skills that Every Human Resource Leader Must Have:


Human Resource


  • Effective Communication You need to have excellent communication skills in order to be a Human Resource Leader. When messages are delivered clearly, the  employees’ impact is at the maximum. It can not only boost the morale of the workforce but can also be used to save the company’s money in many cases. The better the verbal communication skills, the clearer will be the understanding of the employees of their job role and expectations of the company.

  • Practice Ethical Behavior The competition to climb up the ladder of success is exceptionally high, but that does not mean you cannot adhere to what is ethically correct. As a Human Resource Leader, all you need to do is to remain morally sound. Be it your personal commitment or your professional goal, maintaining a code of ethical behavior is absolutely important. If you are ethically correct, you will be able to make your team understand that better and quite naturally the workforce will follow you as their inspirational leader.

  • Think Strategically Being a bridge is not that easy as it seems because in order to maintain the balance, you need to think and act strategically. You must be aware of the company’s core business issues and aspirations, and at the same time, you should also look at the demands and the problems of the workforce. Finally, it is your turn to find a way out the meet both the ends with your strategies.

  • Being a Good Listener You also need to be a good listener apart from being a good communicator. Unless you are listening patiently, you won’t be able to know about the issues of the company and the workforce. It is with only good and patient ears that you can get to the core of the problems and chalk about a solution to resolve those. So, do not just say what you want to but also listen to what the other person wants to say.

  • Being Technically Skilled A Human Resource Leader needs to have technical skills as well as soft skills. Since it is your duty to create company policies and programs, you must have the technical knowledge about both critical and creative thinking. That way, you can also act as internal consultants and overseers of cultural effectiveness.


Top 5 Human Resource Leaders to Follow:



  • Josh Bersin Principal and founder of Bersin by Deloitte
  • Meghan Biro Founder and CEO of TalentCulture
  • Laszlo Bock Top Executive at Google
  • Steve Boese Award-winning HR blogger and co-host of the weekly HR Happy Hour podcast
  • Greg Savage Founder of Recruitment Solutions, Aquent Australia, People2People

It is time that you learn more about Human Resource Leaders, nurture your leadership skills and get ready for the competition. Bring out the leader in you and fly the high.


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