How to Plan a Budget friendly Trip to the Mountains


If you are in love with the mountains but are a bit concerned with the travelling costs, fear not! You can easily plan a trip on your own WITHOUT an agency that will be way cheaper than going with a travelling agency!

Here are some tips and tricks to plan a trip without spending a fortune!

  1. Planning is the key.

    Start with a plan! Decide the locations and get some quotations from travelling agencies to understand a possible budget.

  2. Plan Ahead.

    One of the most crucial steps of a budget-friendly trip is planning at least three to four months prior to the trip.

  3. Book your train at least three months prior to the trip and flights can be booked up to 12 months before.Flight rates are a lot cheaper if they had been bought early. You can save a lot this way! There are many apps like “Make My Trip” that offer great discounts on flight tickets.

  4. Book your hotels through apps like “Make My Trip”, “Agoda,” and “Go Ibibo” which offer great discounts. However, contact the hotel once after booking to make sure that your booking has been confirmed. Keep an eye on them!

  5. Choose homestays over hotels. Homestays are excellent places to stay as they are cheaper with excellent homely ambiance. Almost all homestays charge per head per day including four basic but healthy and tasty meals daily. This can save a lot of money on the meals if you stay in homestays. Know more about this in Why homestays are better than hotels?

  6. Choose a location that is closer to the local taxi stand or market!

    This way you can roam around on foot and save some more transportation costs.

  7. Another great way to save money is by traveling via local taxis and sharing cars. In the hill stations of West Bengal and Sikkim, where private cars charge around 3000, there are local taxis and shared cars available that charge 200-300 per head for the same distances. Choose wisely!

  8. Go to the local restaurants and street foods!

    The street food in the hill stations can be extremely filling, also, there are many local restaurants that offer great meals at a much cheaper price than the popular foo joints.

  9. Plan a trek!

    There are many trekking trails available in the mountains and they are a pleasure to your eyes due to their scenic beauty. If you love walking then you can go for 2-3 hours treks to reach your destination without spending a penny! Just keep in mind you need lighter luggage for that! To know about how to pack for your mountain trips, click here!


    There will be people who will promise you a trip within a package! However, after paying the money, you will notice that they have charged you A LOT MORE than needed! Do not fall into such traps, DO SOME RESEARCH!

  11. Don’t budge the budget.

    After you have settled a budget plan your trip around it. Yes, you can leave some rooms for emergencies but try not to go overboard

Planning a trip on your own can be overwhelming but keep in mind these points you are all set for your budget-friendly trip to the hills! Happy travelling!!

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  2. And probably the last point will be…limit your bagages which will lead you to go and hire a private accomodation and not public…yes all the points are very helpfull…thanks…

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