6 Best Practices for Marinating Energy Level Throughout the Day

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Maintaining your energy level throughout the day can be a challenge. You may wake up feeling energized, but you become more worn down as the day goes on. Feeling tired and sluggish at the end of the day is a common problem that I hear about daily.

When you look at someone energetic, even at 9 PM, you feel surprised, and wonder whether they have any magical powers. They don’t have any such qualities; rather, a high energy level can be achieved by only changing some habits. If you have ever felt stagnant during the day, with no energy to complete tasks, then this blog can help you.

Here are six small changes throughout the day that will make you more productive, keeping a high energy level each day of the year.


1. Waking up and sleeping at the same time every day

Fixing the waking up time and sleeping time has great benefits for our health. Fixed time for sleeping and waking up would increase the sleep quality, help wake up easily, and reduce the sleep inertia. Snoozing the alarms multiple times doesn’t make us more energetic, even in the morning. In such a situation, we don’t only wake up late but carry the guilt for the rest of the day.

Fixing the time to wake up will fix our body clock in such a way that we won’t need any alarm clock anymore. The same happens with the sleeping time. When you start to sleep each day at the same time, you will find that your number of sleepless time will drastically reduce.


2. Breakfast is the king

Skipping breakfast is a strictly no-no for starting an energetic day. Sometimes you will find that skipping breakfast is your first choice when you will run late for the day. It may save 10 minutes in the morning, but it will kill your productive 5 hours through the day. One of the best ways to combat this is to check the breakfast ingredients the previous night. You can also make a weekly checklist to monitor your weekly grocery stocks, including cereals, dairy products, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

Important Note: Have some fresh fruit stocked in your kitchen, and have them when you don’t find the time to prepare breakfast.


3. Water! Water! Water!

Keeping yourself hydrated throughout the day is not only a beauty secret but also a secret for a high energy level. The hydration throughout the day provides nutrients to the cells and helps the organs to function properly. Hydration of the body boosts cognition function, moods, and energy level. According to the experts, consuming approximately 3-4 liters per day is ideal for an adult.

The water consumption will depend on age, environment, and physical conditions. One can replace the plain water with green tea, juicy fruits (not the fruit juice), and coconut water to keep oneself hydrated. A regular hydration process stimulates your electrolytes, including Sodium, Potassium, and Magnesium, and boosts your energy level.

Important Note: Dehydration increases tiredness and fatigue


4.Making frequent movement throughout the day

I know most of you are involved in sitting jobs, where you need to spend a notable time of your day typing, calling, or doing some other routine work. Sometimes, it feels impossible to manage a walking time in a busy schedule of a regular office but reconsider your choice

According to the expert, even walking for 10 minutes every day can notably improve the physical and cognitive condition. This practice has double benefits. On one side, it will break the monotonicity of work, and on the other hand, it will boost physical energy. Taking multiple 5-minutes walking breaks in the middle of a busy schedule will improve mood, concentration, and productivity.

Important Note: Take a note that walking while talking or doing social networking doesn’t add any physical benefits or improve the energy level.


rules to maintain the energy level


5. Check on your sugar intake

One of the easiest ways to energize yourself on a busy day is by increasing your sugar level; take a bite of a pastry, drink a sugary drink, or consume a block of chocolate. But do you know that a sudden sugar intake can backfire? It has been proven that sugar addiction can be stronger than cocaine addiction. Let’s keep that fact to be explored in future blogs.

Sugar can boost the energy level in the short term, but after 30-60 minutes after consuming the sugary food, one can feel the sugar-crash or a sudden drop in energy level. To maintain a high energy level all through the day, one should keep a balanced dose of glucose and carbohydrate in the diet.

Important Note: Grab a bite of fruit, or drink a glass of water whenever you feel sugar cravings


6. Each day spend some time doing something you like

We all like to spend a fulfilling day doing what we love. If you think, you can remember that you had not to think about your energy level on your last trip to a serene location. Similarly, we get hardly tired while watching our favorite movie, even if it is 3 hours long. The book-lovers can read the books for hours without even feeling tired. So, we don’t feel tired when we consume our energy doing something of our choice.

Make your daily schedule in such a way so that each day you will have some time for doing something of your choice. It may be reading, walking, writing a journal, painting, doing gardening, or doing anything else of your choice. This practice will make your days more fruitful and, as a whole, will boost your energy level for days.

Small changes can make a big difference. And I hope you will find the one method out of the above-mentioned techniques that suits you best and help you stay energetic throughout your day. So, what are you waiting for? Start practicing one or all of the above techniques to feel energized throughout the day.


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  1. Nice tips, perfectly defined.
    Sleep and wake up time to be maintained. You look fresh when your body gets ample rest at right time.
    Thanks for insightful post.

  2. Perfect tips for a sluggish person like me. I like it more when you say Water! Water! Water! This has caught my attention and now I know what I need to do to keep my best self throughout the day. Much needed blog! 👍

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