9 Foods to Cool you down this Summer and Improve your Health



– Foods that keep the body cool

– Important nutrients focusing on gut and overall health

– Foods that protect against cell damage from the sun

With the onset of summer, people tend to become irritated, feel fatigued, and get affected by numerous health disorders because of the excessive heat. While we cannot regulate how the sun will behave and bother us, we definitely can look into how to keep ourselves safe from the heat and other health issues.

While many focus on the exterior health, we often forget to look after what goes inside and why not taking care can disturb both the internal and external health.

Sunscreens, hats, SPF, sunglasses, cotton clothes, and umbrellas, are undoubtedly summer weapons to shield ourselves, but we must not forget that the summer diet goes a long way in keeping our body and mind calm.

“To ensure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life.” -William Londen

Focusing on cooling foods is what will keep our life cool!

The trick is to eat light and healthy, apart from drinking loads of water and protecting ourselves from the harsh sun. Eating light ensures not only a quick digestion process but also helps us remain more active throughout the day. With the mercury levels rising steadily and the heatwave hitting strong, it is advisable to have a diet that includes a lot of fruits and vegetables.

Remember: Include food items that have high water content.


Foods that you must make Friendship with this Summer



Good for digestion and cooling down the body, the fibre in mango helps to feel full, and the pulpiness makes you refreshed, wanting for more. Mangoes are summer specials that shouldn’t be missed out on! Whether ripe or unripe, mangoes are pleasing to the mind, body, and soul.

 Note: Keep a watch on the intake if you have diabetes.


Coconut Water

As much as cooling is needed, it is also essential to keep the body hydrated. Coconut water provides the right portion of electrolytes to not only ensure the replacement of fluid loss because of sweat but also provide the body with the necessary minerals to feel healthy throughout the day.




Rich in Vitamin A and C, watermelon, taken either directly or as juice, is an essential summer coolant that ensures the body maintains the right amount of fluid levels and is cool throughout the day. It also contains lycopene, which protects the skin cells from damage by the sun.

 Pro tip: Add 1tsp of lemon juice to 1 cup of watermelon juice and enjoy it chilled.



Cucumbers are one of the most favourite go-to items for cooling and hydration! Call it a source of hydration. Chill it and consume it as a salad. Put it on your skin to make it relaxed and feel cool. Cucumbers are your summer best friends that can be used in multiple ways. Not only do its minerals like magnesium and potassium keep you healthy, but being low in calories can also be good for weight loss.


Lime/ Lemon

Rich sources of Vitamin C and anti-oxidants, lime and lemons, are going to boost not only your immunity but also keep you safe from inflammations. Mix it with your favourite dishes or as fresh lemonades, or with warm water on an empty stomach, these citrus fruits can benefit you in numerous ways.

 Pro tip: Use lemon zest for yummy and tangy baked recipes.



Another great source of lycopene for protection against sun damage and harmful UV rays, tomatoes have several benefits to help you with. It is also rich in Vitamin B and E. Have it raw as salads or add it while cooking, or even put it as slices on your face after a harsh day out in the sun, tomatoes can come in handy in numerous ways during the summers.


Green Beans

Often looked down upon by kids and adults alike, green beans can actually be your magic beans if handled well. Rich in fibre, calcium, iron, folate, and Vitamin K, these green goodies can do wonders for your guts and bones while also getting rid of toxins. Toss with sauces you like or boil it and consume it as a salad or cook it with your favourite veggies, do not forget to include it in your summer diet for a happy digestive system.



Yoghurt/ Curd

I really don’t need to go into details about how yoghurt/ curd is excellent for your gut health and how it acts as an ideal cooling agent. Mix it with cucumber and carrots to make raita or add some spices and turn it into healthy drinks or simply add it while cooking, start including curd/ yoghurt in your diet if you haven’t already.



Packed with flavonoids that have anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants that protect against cell damage, apples, which are readily available everywhere, can indeed keep both doctors and sun damage away.

 Remember: Eat your apples with the skin to make use of the maximum benefits.

Would love to hear about your go-to summer specials in the comments below.

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