8 Things that Make Me Call it A “Perfect” Day




It is just a word to many but few people really mean and experience it.

What do you understand by it?

As per the dictionary meaning, it is about having all the desired and necessary qualities or characteristics in it. Then again, one thing must be kept in mind that it is a relative concept as what seems perfect to me may not be perfect to you.

Today I will talk about the little things in life that makes my day “Perfect”

Do let me know what makes your day “Perfect.”



A Perfect Day


8 Things that Make My Day “Perfect”


A Fresh Start



Often I wake up lazy and tired with no desire to start a day. Well, it is part of all and is natural for a daily schedule because of the work pressure but waking up with a fresh mind and soul is very much desired by everyone. I would not say that I do not experience that sometimes and that feeling makes me call the whole day “Perfect.” I know not what is waiting but still I feel deep down that it is going to be a “Perfect” Day when it begins with a fresh start.


Walk and Yoga



Exercise is important to stay healthy and you must do it.


No-no. I am not going to give a long lecture on Yoga because I do not get time always to go for a walk or do Yoga. I rarely get time to maintain it every day but whenever I do that, I get this feeling that all things will fall in place and make my health “Perfect.” I am sure many of you will agree with me on this.


A Hot Cup of Milk Tea



I must admit at the beginning that I am not at all a tea person. I do not need tea after regular intervals to energize me but there are days when a hot cup of milk tea makes me say out loud “Perfect.” Usually that happens on a winter morning or on a rainy afternoon. I feel like I am on the top of the world with just a cup of tea in hand.

Can you relate to this?


Planned Work Schedule



Planning your works before hand and then when everything is going on as per the planned schedule, I feel a different kind of bliss from inside. No matter what, I get the feeling that this day is definitely going to be the “Perfect” one.


Time Management



With a busy schedule managing everything often becomes a nightmare but when managing everything becomes true, life seems to be as close as being “Perfect.”


Authentic Bengali Cuisine



I cannot guarantee about others but for me a plate of authentic Bengali Cuisine is just the things to make my day.

If you are a Bengali, just close your eyes and imagine sitting with a plate of Rice, Hilsa fry and Mutton Kosha on a rainy afternoon. It is a different kind of solace that can’t be expressed through words other than “Perfect.”


Family Time



A tension-free cozy afternoon or evening with my family makes me happy anytime. Are you staying in a different city, away from your family? Then think about your immediate family over there and spend some time with them. You will be able to enjoy a “Perfect” day with them also.


Following the Passion



I am an artist and I love to paint. My mind is brimming with new ideas that I would like to try on but no time. I think time is the villain of my life.

Anyway, if one day I get time enough to follow my passion and do painting, I prefer to call it a “Perfect” Day.


A Cozy night sleep



You might think what is there in sleeping. It is natural and we all do it every day. No, that is not the sleep I am talking about here. We got to sleep every day with next day’s alarm set and a lot of worries in mind. Have you thought of those days when you go to sleep tension-free and with a blank mind and desire to just let go? Well, that’s what I call a cozy night sleep and it makes my entire life “Perfect.”



Do not just wait for that Perfect day to come to you.


Enjoy little things in life and make them the contributing factors for your happiness.


Then only little things will make your day “Perfect.”


And Don’t forget to share your list of ideas that makes you say “Perfect.”



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  1. Thank you for the post. I feel we do not take out the time to think about the things that makes our life perfect. For me the combination of Bhape Ilish and rice is the perfect combination that can make my day perfect

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