6 Scary Blogging Myths Busted

blogging myths

It’s time we busted the blogging myths! Blogging is gaining popularity, but it has been around for a while! It has had enough years for numerous myths to create the bubble around it. Of course, many myths revolve around blogging and its role in our lives. But today, we will just be busting 6 of the most basic yet overhyped myths that have created misconceptions and stopped us from utilizing the potential of blogs effectively. So, before you lose out on more, jump right in and understand what is true and what isn’t. Let’s get those blogging myths smashed once and for all:


Blogging myths: Blogging will bring immediate results


blogging myths


If you have ventured into the blogging journey, remember that you need to have a great deal of PATIENCE.

Consistency is the key.

Thousands of people like you are blogging their way into the social world. So, if you expect your first blog to go viral or be a miracle, you cannot be more wrong.

No. Do not treat this as demotivation. Instead, use this as a weapon to bust this blogging myth.

Blog regularly, and you will start noticing the change in a few months. Sometimes, things can get exciting, and sometimes it might only crawl but do not stop posting. Generating traffic on your blog will take time, and the more consistent you are in developing your blog and posting it, the better results will get.


Blogging myths: Blogging is only for those with exceptional writing skills


blogging myths


Stop believing this! Writing a blog doesn’t require you to possess excellent writing skills. In fact, numerous tools will help you correct your grammar and enrich your vocabulary. So, what do you really need to know to beat blogging myths?

Communicating your concept effectively.

All you need is a clear-headed concept about what you are promoting and the target audience you wish to capture. The following creation process blends your ideas and intention, communicated most appropriately. If you genuinely know what you are doing, focus on communicating it effectively. The rest will follow. Remember that even exceptional writing skills don’t alone mean effective communication.


Blogging myths: Blogging is about posting your content daily


blogging myths


Yes, blogging regularly is ideal if you wish to generate traffic on your content/website, but there is absolutely NO NEED for blogging daily.

Consistency is the key, but knowledge about posting your content at regular intervals is also necessary.

Create a workable posting frequency suitable to your industry and ensure blogging myths don’t get a better hold. Depending on your industry, the type of content you blog about, and the demographics of your target audience, find your success formula. Remember, there is no fixed formula. Both posting very little (once a month) or posting too many (every day) will lead to the loss of interest of your target audience. Trust the process and blog freely but consistently.


Blogging myths: Blogging is only for specific industries


blogging myths


Blogging works for all, no matter what your industry is, what service you offer, or whichever product your brand represents. Treat blogs as the medium that connects you to your target audience. It works like the reception desk at any office; the first face that greets a customer! So, shattering blogging myths are necessary for your office to function well. The intention matters. If you wish to connect to your audience, use blogging to enhance your relationship with them. Use it for building your brand’s story, communicating your USP, or as a tool to nurture your relationship.

Blogging is for every industry wishing to establish a connection and build their brand.

So, feel free to join the blogging journey and use it to your benefit.


Blogging myths: Blogging revolves around writing only


blogging myths


Blogging is an art with the opportunity to use multiple mediums of connection. Even though the content is the soul of any blog, you should garnish it with images, videos, or any other type of media to maximize its performance. Communicating effectively is essential, and when the process includes multiple media and content in use, it produces excellent success, shattering blogging myths.

In fact, research has shown that blogs with images have the potential to make a significant impact on generating traffic. You MUST focus on the content, but the content is not limited to words only. Blend it with the appropriate supporting media like images, and be ready to serve a Google-friendly blog (apart from other factors that support Google ranking)!

Blogging is a blend of multiple forms of media and content.


Blogging myths: Blogging is a cakewalk



Probably, the biggest misconception that can lead to the downfall of content! Yes, with time and practice, you will become better at blogging, but taking the process for granted is a sin. Blogging doesn’t require a degree, but it definitely requires blending appropriate strategies toward content creation. You cannot simply write about anything and everything.

You need to stick to your brand’s identity.

Plus, it requires a lot of dedication, patience, and focus. The blogging journey is a process that will take time to master, and then you will have to sustain it, ultimately leading to blogging myths being shattered.

Blogging is an art.

Here’s hoping that you will be taking blogging more seriously and avoid myths getting into your head.

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