5 tips to Become a Successful Travel Blog Writer

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We enjoy spending time with nature and visiting places with historical significances.

Now imagine doing something that gives you the opportunity to travel and explore places.

It is kind of a two way deal. You are finding solace while traveling and then getting the chance to work on the thing you are enjoying also.

That is the dream job, right?

Well then you can be a travel blog writer.

This is the dream job you must be hunting for? So, let me help you with some useful tips to start travel blogging and become a successful travel blogger.

5 Tips to Start as a Travel Blog Writer



Explore Your Passion

Before you start blogging, it is absolutely essential to find your passion and then dig deeper into it. Traveling is sure shot fun but doing it all the time for your work might be tiring. So, you need to be clear in your mind that this is your passion and you will be able to perform at your best ability in this. If you very sure about it, then you are free to take the decision to become a travel blog writer.


Read Books on Travel Blogging

Before you start your journey to become a travel blog writer, you must grab few books on traveling and start reading them. This will give you the idea about what to note and include in your writing. It will also enrich you which different narrative techniques that can be used while writing travel blogs. The more you will read, the better storyteller you will be and trust me, people love to hear stories about travel destinations. These stories give them the urge to visit those places and be a part of those adventures.


Prepare a Travel Budget




Spending everything on your travel plans and then feeling broke is not the right way to do it. Remember, if you are a travel blogger then you need to travel very often and for that you must prepare a proper travel budget so that you do not spend extra money on them. Just because you are starting and you do not have the expertise to understand your travel expenditure, it is best to have a budget planned beforehand to control your travel expenses from the start.


Look for your Niche

Years back, travel blogging was not a popular profession but now the competition has increased drastically.  Unless you find your own area of interest and drill deeper into that, you will not be able to make a mark in this rat race. Focus on a topic and then narrow down your research and recommendations. That way your blogs will be more specific about any particular aspects of traveling like hiking or beach camping.


Write and Publish Blog Articles


Travel Blog Writer



Before you start your career as a travel blogger, you need to practice writing and publishing blog articles. If you have that habit from before then it will be easier for you to write daily travel blogs and publish them. Writing and published travel blogs regularly is necessary to keep the audience hooked to your blogs. As it is said, practice makes a man perfect and this practice will make you a better travel blog.


5 Tips to become a Successful Travel Blog Writer


Think Unique

There are numerous laptop companies in the market but people only remember Apple. Why? Because they believe in the idea “Think different.” The same is applicable to your blogging also. If you do not have anything unique for your audience, you will be like just any other travel blog writer. Success will come your way if you start thinking differently and include something unique in your blogs.  


Know your Audience

In order to become a successful blogger, you must know your audience well. Without knowing the requirements and the expectations of your audience, you will not be able to cater to their needs. If your audience is from the middle class background, then you need to concentrate more writing blogs on domestic travel destinations rather than foreign travel destinations. Accommodation and travel-related information included in the blogs will be based on requirements of the middle class audience only in that case. So, it is essential first to do research and have a clear idea about your target audience.


Invest in your Blogs




By investing I am not talking about your travel budget. Here you need to invest on certain equipments that will help you to enrich your blogs with more genuine information. Blogs come with photos and so buying high definition camera will be a wise investment here. You can also invest on a voice recorder and record the experiences you are going through every moment when you are traveling so that you can use that later in writing your blogs.


Do not only Promote Sponsored Trips

It might be ok for you to go on a premium Maldives Sponsored trip and write about it but the audience will have no interest in it. They are more inclined towards reading blogs about those trips that are not sponsored because then they can also think of going on that same adventure. So limit your promotions of sponsored trips and concentrate more on non-paid trips and ignite the passion in the dormant travelers to explore more.  


Create Your Products




In order to make a name in this world, creating your own range of products is absolutely necessary. Now you might think that how is product creation connected to travel blogging? Your query is natural but then stop, and think. Do you like T shirts with travel quotes on it? Do you like coffee mugs that say “Coffee on the Mountains is Peace?” You need to create your own customized range of products to grab the attention of the audience so that they return to your website again. Bringing in the audience back will help you to increase your blogs’ views and also sales.

If you associate yourself with wanderlust, then this my friend will open up dream doors for you. Think and dive into the spectacular world of travel blogging.

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