5 Indian Philanthropists Who are Making the World Better Each Day



Indian culture is known for its values in sharing and caring for others. All the great souls who have contributed to the welfare of the society have taught us about always giving back to the community. It might not be the capability of all to share a lot, but as per their potential, they can contribute to the good of society. It is just the mentality to share that you need to have to do that.

There are numerous business tycoons in India who have shown their golden hearts to the people of the society by caring for them and the greater welfare of the community.


Do you know what Philanthropy is?

The most common belief about philanthropy is that it is a charitable donation, but the reality stands way beyond that. In fact, it is considered to be the generous giving to society for causes that are measured on a large scale. The philanthropic endeavors that the wealthy people venture into are often facilitated by the establishment of private foundations. It can be an individual or a company, but their main motto is to improve human welfare in the process.

The list of Indian Philanthropist is long, but here are the few who have made significant spots at the top of the list for their welfare works.

Here is the list if you want to enlighten yourself with their great contributions:


Ratan Tata




Ratan Tata was the ex-chairman of the Tata Group who invested 65% of his and his Company’s earnings in different charitable trusts. Being a Global level businessman, he always had an eye for supporting the education, medicine, and rural development sectors. One of his affiliates, Tata Education and Development Trust, had granted almost INBR 2075.68 million Tata Scholarship Fund.

For the Harvard Business School construction, he donated INR 3706.57 million. He even contributed INR 950 million to IIT, Mumbai, and created the Tata Centre for Technology and Design. Even during the pandemic, the Tata Group promised to contribute INR 1500 crores to fight against COVID 19.


Mukesh Ambani



Known to be the wealthiest man in India, Mukesh Ambani is the Chairman, MD, and the largest shareholder of Reliance Industries Limited. He donated nearly INR 458 crores which gave him the third position in the list of philanthropists in India by the EdelGive Hurun India Philanthropy List 2020.

His wife, Nita Ambani, takes care of his initiative, Reliance Foundation, which works towards the betterment of education, healthcare, and society. The majority of Ambani’s philanthropic investments are linked with this Reliance Foundation and its endeavors. His name came to the forefront because of his donations towards disaster management causes.


Azim Premji



Azim Premji is most popularly known as “India’s most generous man” after his actual identity as the founder-chairman of Wipro Ltd. His donations are not only counted as Asia’s largest, but also amongst the top five in the world. With a donations figure of INR 7904 crores, he was at the top of the list of philanthropists in India announced by the EdelGive Hurun India Philanthropy List 2020. Sixty-Seven percent of his Wipro shares are also donated to the Azim Premji Charitable foundation.

“Premji’s grant for the nation matches only what Jamsedji Tata and Dorabji Tata have done from a historical perspective.” – Amit Chandra, managing director, Bain Capital



Shiv Nadar


Being the founder of HCL Technologies, Shave Nadar is the name made big because of his donations worth INT 795 crores for the welfare of mankind. He got the second position as per the list of philanthropists in India published by the EdelGive Hurun India Philanthropy List 2020.

Shiv Nadar Foundation, one of his endeavors, looks after various projects, and the majority of Nadar’s donations are channelized through this. They focus more on bridging the socio-economic divide so that an equitable, merit-based society can be achieved. They have further proceeded with this idea by establishing institutions and programs in those sections of India which still remains underdeveloped. The Shiv Nadar Foundation works on the vision of “Creative Philanthrophy,” one that will last for long.


Kumar Mangalam Birla


Philanthropist in India

A believer in the principles of Mahatma Gandhi, Kumar Mangalam Birla has donated nearly INR 276 crores for the purpose of human welfare. He is the chairman of the Aditya Birla Group, who idolizes Mahatma’s trusteeship concept from his heart. He, along with his family, was also ranked 4thin the list of philanthropists in India published by the EdelGive Hurun India Philanthropy List 2020.

With the help of the Aditya Birla Foundation he has concentrated his philanthropic energies in worked associated with education. His name also became prominent during the Covid 19 Pandemic for support the relief works.

Feeling inspired?

These people definitely have the wealth to make their names as top philanthropists in India, but it requires a big heart too to do the donations. Not all the wealthy enough to spend so much on the welfare of others but everybody can start small within their limits. All it takes is the willingness to help, no matter how small it is.


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