La Chocolat: The Buster to my Stress


The last few days have been bothersome, and to make things worse, the changing season hasn’t been conducive. I sometimes feel like I am losing it, and I would explode into a million pieces, all of which would reflect my broken mind and soul.

Stress the menace

I have been stressing about every single thing on my mind, and this, in turn, has messed up my emotional state to the point where my irritation is irritating me! Blame it on the mood swings or the hormones; my mind and body have been absolutely out of sync lately. I don’t know the origin of my stress, but all I know is that I am at a stage where my comfort zone has shrunk into a minuscule possibility.

I am sure many of you might be feeling the same right now or have felt something similar at different points in time. We all are living a life that hasn’t developed the formula to escape stress completely. The more we try to fight stress, the more it becomes integrated with our lives.

I have read a thousand articles about managing stress and how to live a life more relaxed and anxiety-free. Those theories and tips are yet to find a concrete reality in my life!

Sometimes situations change, and my stress reduces in fragmented versions, but I don’t think it ever goes away completely. I might be wrong. There might be many of you who have mastered the art of managing stress, and I would love to hear first-hand experiences. For all those, however, who can relate with me, you have my ears, buddy!


Eenie meenie miney mo

I won’t lie, though, that I have not tried out ways to cure my nagging mind or soothe my forever violently swinging mood—music, web series, reading and rereading the books I love. I have done it all. I have even spent time staring at the wall and falling asleep at weird hours. However, nothing lured/ me out of my blues and greys, except for chocolate. Dark chocolate, to be precise! Yes, I am one of those who fantasize and romanticize dark chocolate over milk chocolates. You could call me a dark chocolate fanatic too.

They say that dark chocolates help reduce stress, and they have shown results backed by data and science.

However, my love for dark chocolates did not manifest into a soothing reality because of science; it had more to do with taste. For no reason rigidly specific, I find the bitter version of the cocoa fantasy more intriguing and comforting for both my troubling moods and distinctive taste buds. Yes, I am also one of those who prefer, nay demand, their specific food choices in particular ways. In fact, chocolates are my guilty pleasure over most things.

It has been raining incessantly since morning, and the pluviophile that I am- someone who loves rain endlessly- munching on the dark chocolate bar that my boyfriend gifted me yesterday, has all blended into one gigantic ball of love and happiness.

My stress needs dark chocolate to lose out the bitterness it spreads and the pitter-patter drops of rain to wash away the anxiety it creates. My boyfriend’s love is the warmth that lends its final touch to melt it away. At least to the point where it is bearable and has space for hope and sanity to rise again.

So, in the end, all we need is chocolate, for some at least. And for all the others and some more- a little love. Someone and their endless love!

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