Five Interesting Facts About Artificial Intelligence


To quote the Co-founder of Google, Larry Page:


One of our big goals in search is to do the search that really understands exactly what you want, understands everything in the world. As computer scientists, we call that artificial intelligence.”



Artificial intelligence is changing the world at a drastic rate as people are fond of artificial intelligence. From asking Alexa to switch off the lights of our room to ask Siri to call a friend, from traveling in a self-assistant car to receiving food from robots in a restaurant, artificial intelligence is becoming part of our life. Artificial intelligence is becoming part of human life, and it can be said that in the near future, we may become dependent upon them. So, before proceeding further, let us learn about artificial intelligence.

The term “artificial intelligence,” which refers to intellect created by humans, is formed up of the phrases “artificial” and “intelligence.” Artificial intelligence, therefore, is what happens when robots are given artificial intelligence to carry out intelligent activities comparable to those performed by humans. It ultimately comes down to creating smart devices that can mimic the human brain and function and behave like humans.




Some interesting facts about Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Fact 1: AI can predict natural catastrophe

Since its inception, artificial intelligence has helped humans greatly in a variety of areas, including customer service, stock market trading, health care, etc. We can now quickly obtain predictions of natural disasters thanks to artificial intelligence, according to academics in the field. With enough high-quality data sets, AI will be able to forecast potential natural disasters and their likelihood of occurring. In this way, AI can save many people’s lives by providing them with an accurate and early warning. With the aid of seismic data, AL systems may be trained, allowing the magnitude and location of an earthquake to be determined.



Fact 2: Artificial Bots are mostly females

Did a thought ever come across your mind about why the majority of artificial intelligence bots speak in voices that seem feminine? The explanation is self-evident; tech businesses and robotics researchers think that most female and male clients are more likely to hear the response of their preferred AI bot in silky lady voices rather than in any loud raspy voice. Because of this, the voices of many well-known AI bots are infected with female tones. For example, SIRI, ALEXA, and Google Home all have a tendency to welcome you in a girly manner and make an effort to maintain a friendly tone during the dialogues and conversations with you. And I hope you share everyone else’s admiration for that singing voice.



Fact 3: Artificial Intelligence is being used in the medical field

AIs, that can even identify early signs of cancer symptoms were created in partnership between the Universities of Surrey and California, San Francisco. How pleasant is it to hear? And hundreds more testimonies of persons who are at the remission stage feed these. In a sense, AIs are able to identify patients who have a high risk of recurrence of cancer cells. The early results encourage doctors to advance therapies.



Fact 4: AI is making smart home

The Alexa-powered Echo line from (AMZN 1.42 percent), which now controls 70% of the smart speaker market, has the potential to boost the company’s revenue by $10 billion by 2020. The competition between intelligent speakers will only intensify as Alphabet (GOOG -0.28 percent) (GOOGL -0.27 percent) uses its own AI, Google Assistant, to power its own competitive line.



Fact 5: AI is restoring old photographs

As we all know, printed photos are highly fragile artifacts of incredible memories. It might be sad to discover damaged old images frequently. Every human has to deal with such painful experiences throughout their lifetime. NVIDIA created a technique in artificial intelligence called “Image Inpainting” to effectively repair the image that has to be rejuvenated in order to correct this issue. The picture may have been devoid of pixels, had holes throughout, or have been torn from both sides. Robotics can work miracles in this situation; after training on 1000 photos, it will be able to automatically insert the missing details and pixels into the sections of your old photographs that have been damaged.



We have learned numerous facts about AI, but we need to know what the future of AI in India is.


The future of AI in India

Despite being existing in some capacity for more than 60 years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has experienced a tremendous rise in the previous ten years due to significant technological developments. However, as consumers begin to expect personal digital assistants like Siri and Bixby, technological revolutions are building throughout the globe as businesses and economies seek to take advantage of AI-related breakthroughs to spur growth. Companies like Swiggy and Zomato in India, who have made significant investments in AI over the past few years, have seen firsthand how technology can both sustain and boost development. This has shifted the conversation to AI’s potential.



A more profound comprehension of the differences between artificial intelligence (AI) and human intellect is required to better prepare for the society of the future, in which AI will have a far more widespread effect on our lives.


So, let know which interesting fact about AI was unknown to you and intrigued you the most.


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