5 Most Common Data Loss Found in the Businesses

Data loss in businesses affect the revenue

Data is one of the most valuable assets for an organization after its workforce, and that is why business data is the lucrative target of hackers. Hacking is a data threat that most businesses are aware of. However, hacking is not the only way of losing your business data without your knowledge. The data leak and data loss result in financial loss to the businesses and affect their public image.

Following are the five most common causes of data losses faced by businesses:

1. Data Loss by Malware Attack:

The word malware came by joining two terms malicious software. Any software with malicious intention can be classified as malware. Some of the most occurred malware attacks include viruses, worms, trojan horses, spyware, adware, and, last but not least ransomware. The attackers can use malware through exploit toolkits, malicious email attachments, malicious links, and disguised ad links. The attack can also happen when users try to download documents from untrusted websites.


2. Data Loss by Poor Password Protection:

Password is the most fundamental and trivial authentication system that ensures only the authenticated person will access data. The password serves its purpose only when it is formed in the right way. Even in 2020, worldwide, the most used password is 123456. Some of the weakest and most used passwords are 12456789, 12345, qwerty, and password. If you are using any of these passwords, change them immediately.

Weak password leads to BruteForce attack and Dictionary attack. These types of attacks use the trial and error method to crack one’s account by using random passwords. If you use a weak and predictable password, you will be an easier target for attackers. Many organizations, even government agencies, use weak passwords as it is easier to remember, but they almost invite attackers to mess with their data in this process.


3. Data Loss by Mishandling Data By The Employees:

Human errors are one of the most common ways of data loss in an organization. In business organizations, employees are often unaware of the importance of data maintenance and security. This lack of awareness causes data loss for many organizations without their knowledge.

From sharing the password, not logging out from an authenticated system to using untrusted websites within the organization’s network system, all lead to loss of needed data. In some cases, a vengeful act from an ex-employee can also cause a data security threat within the organization.


4. Data Loss by Using Outdated Operating System:

Using the updated software, mainly the operating system will reduce the chance of data threat to a notable extent. The malware attacks mainly target outdated Operating Systems with weak security patches. In 2017, WannaCry Ransomware attack, the systems with Windows XP were the main target of the attackers as Microsoft stopped supporting them in 2014. So, in case you are still using the outdated operating system or software, update to their latest version immediately.


5. Data Loss by Not Taking Regular Backup:

Not taking the backup in a regular time gap is a sin that causes heavy pain to the business houses. One wise man once said, “sometimes I can even trust the man, but not the machines.” A computer system can be damaged or malfunction at any time; in that case, all data within the system will also be lost. This is one of the common mistakes that will cause a long-run impact on the organizational level.

Data loss doesn’t only cause financial or business loss, it also affects the personal lives of the users. The different data security practices help users protect their data and avoid the consequences of data loss.

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