4 Books that Would Change the Vision of Your Life



Have you ever thought of taking a book as your guardian angel? Most of the time, we tend to stay away from the self-help books because we all want to read stories filled with frills and thrills.

Following are the lists of books that might change perception towards life.


Mindsets by Carol Dweck

“It’s not always the people who start out the smartest who end up the smartest”Out of five essential learnings, I have noted down the crucial part “why people differ”. This book has summarized the differences of the mindsets people have. Two different mindsets, growth mindset and the fixed mindset, do all the talking and make the differences between people.

  • People differ in terms of their experience, key learnings, background, and the way of training.
  • Labeling oneself is the outcome of the fixed mindsets and people with growth mindsets believe in putting their efforts despite they are having the failures.
  • The most important line of this book is “nothing ventured, nothing gained”.
  • People should have the clear vision of their abilities and limitations.
  • The intelligence can be acquired with time and efforts.

Dweck has given two mindsets simultaneously so that readers could understand why they require mindset to be a better version of themselves.


Grit by Angela Duckworth

I believe that most of the 90’s kids may have heard this line that “you’re no genius” back in their home. Think of a book which starts with this line; yes, you are spot-on that I am talking about Duckworth’s masterpiece named Grit. Grit has attributed a new meaning of the genius and Duckworth has laid this foundation that gritty people can make themselves genius if they are determined.

This book has given a path after the grueling researches made on the people who made to the top. Where is the difference between an extraordinary and ordinary that is what has been zeroed on in this book. Let me pen down the basic learnings from this book that any naïve person can take into consideration and can implement in their lives for a better accomplishment.

  • High achievers are the paragons of perseverance.
  • Most of the highly accomplished people tend to believe that they are of no good.
  • They keep finding and improving their niche.
  • They have the “kind of ferocious determination” in improving things in their lives.


Life’s Amazing Secrets by Gaur Gopal Das

Gaur Gopal Das, after living the life of a monk over twenty years, has unraveled the secrets of the life that helps people in navigating through the challenges and negative moments of the life. Das has clearly stated that our life cannot be without challenges and living a balanced life does not mean how well you can ignore those challenges. The life’s secrets lie in the fact how one can brilliantly move through those challenges and achieve something with the proper adjustment and alignment.

Following are the secrets that would help a person overcoming the challenges and also a note on the spirituality why it is required to have a balanced life.

  • The most important lesson is to do the self-assessment whether we are happy from inside. As we proceed in our life journey and make successes in the path, we forget to check what actually makes us happy? Does external achievement hold true value in our life? We should not forget the key of our happiness even when we are making extreme progress in our life.
  • The next lesson is to master the happiness in our lives. Most of the people pretend that they are happy and their face values equate such status. Feeling successful and happy should be mastered instead of just appearing publicly.
  • The best example is outlined here by Das that three things are absolutely common in people’s lives that we all are stuck, we all have our journey ahead, and we all have the final destination to cover. These three statements prove that everyone around us is moving through some or other difficulties in life. Often, we become clueless which way should we need to take. So, these are the common problems in life.
  • Das has suggested that best life lesson happens when we perceive the negative with the positive minds and train our minds to accept only the positive and navigate through the negative things with the proper planning and execution. This is how we will be able to master our minds and feel strong eventually.


Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday

“Ego is the wicked sister of success”

The name itself makes you contemplate on the bigger picture of the life. A human being claiming that he or she has no inflated ego is rare on the planet. It is our fragile belief of the self-concept that elevates our ego at the time of life’s success and when one becomes aspirant to achieve something in their lives.

Following are few lines that could make you think whether you are egoist or not-

  • Three things always happen with us at any stage of our life; we are either driven by the little success or planning to get big one at the altar, we are failing at something or probably may fail in the coming years or, we are driven by creating dent on the mother earth.
  • Three stages in life when we can get hold of ourselves before ego takes a toll on us – 1. Humble in our aspirations. 2. Gracious in our success. 3. Resilient in our failures.
  • Replacing ego is the procedure and when it is finally left, we understand what is real and what is an illusion.
  • Learning the art of detachment helps us in channelizing ego in proper direction. Detachment is considered natural ego antidote.


If you are the one who feel stuck or down or, unable to take big decisions in your life, you could read any of these books. Else, you can simply get back to this blog to get the preview of these four books.


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