A Life in a Year – 2021 and its Major Teachings!

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2021 was a year to remember. For some, it was a positive year filled with joy, happiness, and assertive action while for many, this year brought to the fore the harsh realities of life. While the world at large still grappled with the virus, society witnessed some changes being implemented at a fundamental level of existence.


Everyday things such as proximity and touch were suddenly refrained from due to their role in the transmission of the virus. Not just that, in the overarching scenario, human behaviour altogether underwent massive changes over the last year.



While changes of irreversible nature did take place, the world at large was still optimistic about a revival. It hoped that the upcoming year i.e., 2022 would provide them with the long-hoped-for stability. While it has only been a few days into the new year, the world is already geared up for making positive strides both on an individual level and collectively.


On a personal level, 2021 was a year marked by the rise of a lot of questions and the subsequent journey towards their answer. While most parts of the year were bitter, there were a few moments which were equally remarkable.


In simpler terms, it was a roller coaster ride. There had been moments that made me feel like I was on top of the world and had everything under control. On the contrary, some days made me feel like the world was falling apart, completely.



But like they say, a moment gone is a lesson learned. Hence if I was tasked with the duty of writing down the major learnings from the year which is gone, I would certainly identify the following:


Do you Practice what you Preach?

Pretty mundane, right? Despite not being a new invention, we have collectively witnessed people, from our governments to our daily lives failing to adhere to this basic principle. People will list 10 reasons behind your failure and their success, but if you inspect closely, you would find that those who preach such reasons, practice the minimum of it themselves. Most don’t follow what they preach, they say it just for the sake of it.



We’re All on the Same Boat

Nobody has a clue what they are doing. If you look up at someone who appears to be confident, in touch with their reality, and in control of things – that my dear friend, is an illusion. Just like you sit across a room and wonder how the person does things, the way they do, the opposite person might just be thinking the same about you. A mutual circle of admiration continues while nobody speaks of it publicly. While both of them are busy projecting a life under control, the dissatisfaction within them is probably on the same level.



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Actions or Words? Words or Actions?

Actions speak louder than words, once again common learning not exclusive to 2021 which has found wider implications this year. “I can do it.” – You can tell this to yourself and people around you but things would not get done as long as you don’t ACT upon it. Actions transcend the boundaries of words and the same goes for the actions and/or words you receive. If someone does not deliver on their promises, or their actions do not match with their words – let them go. Maintain a distance.



Pausing is Better than Stopping

There are going to be moments in your life when you feel like you cannot continue anymore, be it work or personal relationships – sometimes the urge to take a step back, overpowers us. A step back when taken a little further can lead to the complete cessation of things. But when calculated, taking a break can work wonders. When taken under the right circumstances, a break would prevent things from becoming unbearable further. A break also serves as the springboard for a sharper and clearer mind.



All of this being said, there are still going to be moments in our lives that would leave us stumped. There would still be moments unpredictable and twists and turns no one would expect. The teachings from the year that is gone will only help us make better decisions when faced with unforeseen challenges.

Learning never stops, so there can never be a full-proof survivor’s guide to saving oneself in the face of the unknown. What matters is how we choose to extract the teaching from an event – be it positive or negative, and implement it effectively in the next turn.

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