5 Most Effective Habits One Could Make After Reading Atomic Habits


Tiny changes, remarkable habits

The book Atomic Habits by James Clear has made itself a classic when it comes to habit-changing. Human beings have the tendency over time to set goals and achieve those. Ask yourself how many times you have said that I would lose 5 kgs in 6 months?

For an example, with rigorous workout in gym, an individual loses 5 kgs in 6 months, what next. Will the same individual feel enthusiastic to put same level of efforts? Many times, the answer is no. The reason behind is that we only focus on the outcome not on the process.

In the last few years, I have tried to make changes in my daily routine because most of the time I give myself excuses for not getting committed to the fitness regime. I have failed miserably when it comes to hit the gym, maintain a good diet, and add a session of cardio at home.

At the right time, this book Atomic Habits comes in my hand, and think what has happened after that. I have changed my orientation from outcome-based approach to the process-based one. Bam! the habit is built and now, I can even make 15 minutes time for the same fitness regime, even when I am deeply buried under work.


5 positive changes this book will give you lessons about


Design the environment of the success


We all have to admit that we are the by-products of our environment. We create barriers in our minds and get swayed by thoughts day in and day out. To change the route of your progress, you need to change your environment first. James Clear in his words states, “the handful of problems arise when you spend too much time thinking about your goals and not enough time designing your system”.


Set your layers to change the identity


How many of us are aware of these basic things or, how many of us utter the ‘identity’ word even in our every sentence? Let’s talk about the small changes in the behavior that we could make to create an impact in whatever we attempt to do in our lives. First, we need to ask ourselves who are we and who we want to become. The work should get started in the direction who we want to become. James Clear states, “This is something very different to say I’m the type of person who is this”.


Set your cravings and decide on the visual cues


Before we commit ourselves for big changes, we need to decide on which cues and cravings we are going let it in our lives. Most of the behavioral problems start with the selection of cues and cravings. This gets resulted in the rewards and response henceforth. The selection process of cues, cravings, rewards, and response can be divided according to Four Laws of Behavioral Change –


Let’s look at each process and how it can bring different results by applying it


  • Making it obvious

We often choose unconscious habits like munching snacks and addiction on beverages or sugary products. Such things can be repeated without us even noticing it. The first law “making it obvious” asserts that the visual cues need to be managed from the beginning. Your surroundings should be enveloped with those cues which would lead to better habits.


  • Making it attractive

The second law is to make the habits attractive. Whatever we do, we need to make it so attractive that we would not leave it in the midway. Temptation strategy should be embedded in the process so that each habit seems appealing to us and we can stick to it without any further hassle.


  • Making it easy

James Clear asserts that walking slowly is better than walking backwards. Our brain gets the pattern if the habits get repeated. The objective here is to make the habit automated so that it can be easier to handle. The goal is to make the habits easier to control. After a point of time, when the habit is built, the focus would be shifted in action and no longer stays in motion.


  • Making it satisfying

The outcome of the habit should be appreciated. An individual often enjoys the habit repetition when it comes to fruition. The habits often are compared with the immediate success it receives and not the other way round. To change the behavior and to stick with singular habit, one needs to find the immediate success after performing a habit.


Choosing the habits that aligns with genes


The impact of the gene cannot be avoided. To build the greater habits, one needs to choose the best ones out of the lot so that one can stick with it. An individual should choose the habits that can be continued even after any obstacles because the results are mostly satisfying. Human beings select the habits that matches with their natural abilities.


Stick to the habits even when it brings boredom


One should know that beginners gain or lucks do not stay for longer. The sudden spike in passion does not remain same after a point of time. If somebody selects the habit, they need to know that boredom will come after a certain point and the challenge is to make it satisfying and rewarding when things go south.

These are five basic changes one could make in their daily lives by choosing the right kind of habits.





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